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American Airconditioning & Mechanical Contractor, Inc.

Air Conditioning & Mechanical, Inc.
We are here to serve all of your Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning, Heating, Indoor Air Quality, Sheet Metal Fabrication, and Building Automation needs.

American A/C and Mechanical, Inc (AAMC) has served our customers since 1971.  We attempt to give back to the community which has brought us many years of success, by doing business with locally owned suppliers and contractors.  We are an equal opportunity employer as well as a proud employer of disabled military veterans.


We offer 24 hour services, 7 days a week as well as Fall and Spring Service Contracts to provide you with the security of knowing your systems are ready for year round performance.  AAMC also offers sales, installation, and maintenance on most brands of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment.  We are equipped to handle all of your needs from small residential systems to large commercial and industrial applications.


Not only is AAMC skilled in meeting your HVAC needs we can also help you with any sheet metal requirements you may have.  Using computer aided design and a plasma arc cutter we can fabricate what you need!  Whether it be utilitarian or decorative work, we want AAMC to be your first choice for sheet metal fabrication.


Runny noses, headaches, watery or itchy eyes.  Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?  Do you constantly burn candles or use room deodorizers to treat odor problems?  You may have an Indoor Air Quality problem.  Indoor Air Quality has become a major concern to the public and private sector as it is a primary cause of respiratory illness.  AAMC is qualified to perform mold inspections and remediation.  We are also equipped to perform complete duct cleaning and sanitizing for your home, office, or work place.  Why suffer when we are ready and willing to help?


We can perform lift operations using our boom truck and trained operator.  Don't risk damage or injury!  Call us and we'll make it happen in a safe and sane manner!

Remember - Experience is not expensive.....It's Priceless!!